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We will be opening 1n June 2019 to start a fun filled year. Please go to our Products link for pricing informatioin.

Erie Orchards and Cider Mill Tour Information and Rules

Over 25,000 children and adults toured our facilities every year. All tours are booked at this number 734 854-2913 or you can reserve online. Please call early for your reservation. Erie Orchards and Cider Mill loves kids (of all ages).

Our tour is $10.00 per person including accompanying adults. Teachers receive a discount coupon and a small gift. We are offering a special price of $9.00 per person if your field trip is booked to start any time now through September. Note: You must bring your group any time from now through September to qualify for this discount. We do not offer tours on Saturday and Sunday.


  1. Read through the following descriptions and rules.
  2. Click here to make your reservation online.
  3. If your group is larger than 200, please reserve your tour by telephone (734-854-2913).
  4. Once at the orchard for your tour, HAVE FUN!

Summer and Fall Tours-July thru November

Hayride into orchard
Discussion on how we grow our fruit and the picking of three apples by each participant
Tour of cider making facility
One glass of cider and one donut will be served
Each participant will receive one pumpkin (mini size)
Teachers are given a gift
Time: Tour will take approximately 45 minutes to an hour.
Price: $10.00 per participant
(Accompanying adults must also pay $10.00). We are offering a special price of $9.00 per person if your field trip is booked to start any time now through September.

Rules and Helpful Hints after your tour reservation is made.

Please print this info and refer to it before coming to the Orchard.
  • Please arrive on time. Being late can delay groups for the rest of the day and your group may also be delayed.
  • One person should collect all the money and pay for the entire group, preferably a school check. Cost per person is $10.00. All students and adults must pay $10.00.
  • We do expect teachers and leaders to pay for their tour, however, if a teacher is returning the same day, i.e., kindergarten, you will not be charged a second time.
  • If you must cancel or reschedule your tour, please let us know as early as possible so we can adjust our schedule. (734) 854-2913.
  • You must inform us ahead of time if bringing your lunch. Failure to let us know may mean we cannot accommodate you for your lunch. You must tell us in advance.
  • Weather conditions vary. Please call before canceling as it may not be raining here. Please inform parents to bring warm clothing/rain coats for children.
  • Picnic tables and porta jons are available. Hand washing facilities with hot water are also available.
  • Although we attempt to make cider daily, we cannot guarantee that the press will be working when you are here.
  • Please notify us if you have participants with special needs, i.e., wheelchairs, etc. We have a special wagon for these groups but we are not responsible for lifting participants on and off wagons.
  • When arriving at the orchard, buses and cars are to go directly to the parking area behind the store to unload. Do not park or unload in the front parking lot. Teachers will check in, pay for the entire group and a guide will be sent to meet you in the back parking lot. Do not bring children to front parking area.
  • Teachers will be asked to fill out an admission slip upon arrival-please be accurate in your count of students and adults and know this information before you check in. Your group will be counted as they enter the wagons for accuracy.
  • Occasionally a child or adult is stung by a bee. (This happens infrequently.) Please be aware of any bee allergies and be prepared to give emergency first aid if needed.
  • If you intend to stay longer than your allotted tour time of approximately an hour please be aware that we may need the building where you are having your snack or lunch. You will need to vacant that area for other groups. We do have the corn maze in the orchard and other picnic areas where you could go away from the main buildings.
We want you and your group to have the best possible time. We are committed to making that happen for you. If you follow these basic guidelines it will make it easier for all. Book your tour early as the last few years we were totally booked by the first week of October and could not accept anymore reservations for the month. You can book on line by going to reserve your tour online now. Remember the total cost for each participant is $10.00. We are offering a special price of $9.00 per person if your field trip is booked to start any time now through September.

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