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We will be opening on June 29th 2018 to start a fun filled year. Please go to our Products link for pricing informatioin.

The Erie Orchard Family

Steve Elzinga is the owner and operator of the orchard for the past 34 years. Steve is married to Nancy for 41 years and has three children Marna, Jesse and Elise and one grandson Noah (Marna).

Randall and Nancy Gammon have been working at the orchard for 34 years! They are in charge of the Northville and Royal Oak Farmers markets in the summer and handle the U-pick drive at the orchard in the fall.

Lorna Eddings has been working at the orchard for 33 years. She helps with school tours and works where needed on the weekends. She provides valuable advice to our new workers with her vast experience working here.

Mary Jane Gartee works weekends at our ticket selling booth. She has one of the busiest jobs handling all the ticket sales for hay rides, pony rides and inflatable toys. She has worked at the orchard for nearly 28 years.

Mike Mitchell has been with us for 5 years and is our cider maker. He has also helped in the orchard--this past winter 2009 he and Jim pruned nearly 2000 apple and peach trees.

Carol and Jerry Light are in charge of the Ann Arbor Farmers Market and handle our pumpkin barn and corn maize in the fall. They have been at the orchard for 12 years.

Valerie Mitchell has been with the orchard for 10 years and is our head cashier. She has experience in all aspects of the store operation including making donuts and selling all our products. Ask Valerie about her dog breeding business—she will be happy to share that as well as all about our fruit.

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